Video SlideShow Maker!

Make video slideshow from your images by selecting your images from your device. Add which images (or all) you would like to be in the slideshow. You may sort them in order from left to right of how you want them to appear in your slideshow by dragging the images. If you want to remove any images, simply click Remove. Add audio (optional) as well. Use the audio slider to select where you want the audio to begin for your slideshow. Once ready, click Make SlideShow!

Notice: Some mobile devices (ie iOS) do not allow to upload music/audio files (.mp3) to add audio to your slideshow at the moment. Unfortunately as well, some mobile devices do not allow to save video files. Because of this, you will be able to Email your slideshow to yourself after making it so that you may save to your mobile deivce that way. All other devices, you may simply click and Save-As or/and email to yourself as well!

Add images for slide. Sort image slides by dragging slides in order of appearance from left to right after adding.

Slide Speed:


Use seek to select time in audio where you would like the audio to begin for your slide.

Your Saved Images

You may add saved images as well!