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Post by Don on May 28 2019

'A feeling can last a life time.'  ✨

The ability to search Pexels.com on the Caption page is now available. This photo is a result of searching: Art. I then added the text on the bottom. Pexels provides amazing images/photos from talented photographers/creators for free.

Effects applied: Made using Caption.


A Time for Truth

Post by Don on May 3 2020

Sometimes the Truth is hidden in plain sight.


Add Text To Specific Times in Video

Post by Don on April 21 2020

Added the ability to add text to certain times in a video! Use the green slider to set specific From - To. Easy to use! 😊 Caption Video

Meme of The Day!

Post by Don on April 17 2020

Due to Covid-19, NOT all cookouts are canceled. 😜


Meme of The Day!

Post by Don on April 16 2020

Same company, different branding; same difference.


Words of Wisdom!

Post by Don on April 15 2020

He makes a good point you know... 🤔

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