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Post by Don on May 28 2019

'A feeling can last a life time.'  ✨

The ability to search Pexels.com on the Caption page is now available. This photo is a result of searching: Art. I then added the text on the bottom. Pexels provides amazing images/photos from talented photographers/creators for free.

Effects applied: Made using Caption.


Meme of The Day!

Post by Don on February 15 2020

Do it. I dare you. Switch. 😉❤️💔


Happy Valentines Day!

Post by Don on February 14 2020

So many people are together but not in love. So many people are in love but not together. That's love who can explain it..? Happy Valentine's Day! ❤️😊


Giving Hearts Day!

Post by Don on February 13 2020

Today is Giving Hearts Day! Learn more at GivingHeartsDay.org. ❤️😊


Words of Wisdom!

Post by Don on February 12 2020

Make 🕐


Did You Know?

Post by Don on February 11 2020

In this week's Did You Know... 🤔💡

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