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Shadow Highlight

Post by Don on February 7 2014

I recently added a new edit option to the edit page called Shadow Highlight.

Below is an example(before and after) of what it can do. It allows you to adjust the tone in shadow along with highlight areas of an image. Like all the sliders on the edit page, they are preset for you but for your convenience and personal taste, you can adjust them to your liking to get the results you want.

Edit: Mansion image(s) are of the Hecker Mansion in Detroit Michigan. The edited image of the Hecker mansion was also edited using the vintage edit resulting in the vignette you see applied to the image along with the shadow highlight edit applied.

Edit edit: Add another image(s) of the Hecker home with the shadow highlight edit applied.

Photo credit: Sarah Skakum


Watermark Your Images!

Post by Don on January 17 2014

Watermarking images is important when you have to "declare" your images as your property. You want to do this because anyone can take your images and "declare" your images theirs.

One way a lot of people watermark their images is by simply putting their name and/or company name on the image(s). Another way is their name/company name along with the current year and copyright symbol. Basically you can watermark your images how you please as long as you make some kind of notice that it's your image.

On the watermark page on this site, you are given many options as to how you want to watermark your images. You can choose your font size, font type, font color, position of where you want your text to be on the image like in the middle, top, bottom, left, right, etc. You can also adjust the text transparency by moving the slider between 1-100. 1 is the least visible and 100 the most visible. Usually people make their text semi invisible by choosing 50, but it's up to you and what is best for your particular image(s).

You can also optionally rotate the text by either 45 degrees or 90 degrees. Below are some examples of my friend using the watermarking feature on this site for her images. As you can see, if you're a photographer, it's probably a good idea to watermark your images.

Photo credit: Sarah Skakum


Having Fun with Captioning!

Post by Don on December 12 2013

There seems to be a "trend" these days on the internet where people take image stills from certain movies, TV shows, news shows, etc and caption the image with what supposedly the people in the image might say other than what they are actually saying in the image. They're more commonly known as a meme. Some of the features on this site can help you make some really interesting ... read more.


Resize Your Images!

Post by Don on November 30 2013

Resizing images are sometimes absolutely necessary especially when taken with certain cameras. Sometimes resizing is necessary especially if you're looking to make thumbnails from your images as well, especially when you need the images to be specific width and height.

The resizing feature on this site helps you resize images in w... read more.


Make a Collage!

Post by Don on November 19 2013

Collages' can be fun and I've come up with a way to do just that!

On the collage page, making an image collage can not be more simpler. Well, on second thought, I'm sure it can if you don't want to do the work, like some other services out there where all you do is select the images you want to be collaged and it does the work for you.... read more.

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