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Post by Don on November 14 2013

I thought I would make a post demonstrating more of the features that are on the edit page.

Below are images that show the original image and the edits done to them. The first one is the original. The second was edited using the Painting Effect edit and Oil Painting effect. The third is lomography applied to the image with the vignette option deselected. The fourth has blur applied to it. I only chose a level of 2 for the blur. The higher the number you select, the more blur is applied to the image.

I would like to thank Andrea from Andrea Francesca Photography for the wonderful photo! Thank you.

(As with all images on this blog, click on thumbnails to enlarge.)



Post by Don on November 8 2013

I recently came across some car photos on Facebook from the 20's and 30's time period. I like cars of all time periods along with all cars in general despite make. I'm an universal car admirer!

The photos I came across immediately inspired me to play with them via the edit page and see what kind of effects I can come up with. Below is what I came up with. You'll see the original photo along with the edit one. The red car photo was edited using the Painting Effect edit and the Vintage edit. For the vintage edit, I applied a goldish texture to the image hence why it has a "goldish" look because I feel the goldish look helps define the era of the 20's, 30's when style and elegance was a popular thing back then.

If you ever want to see what those days were like to get an idea, watch the recent version of The Great Gatsby!

"Love of beauty is Taste. The creation of beauty is Art." -- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Henry Ford Museum

Post by Don on November 7 2013

I thought I would share and post the many images I took yesterday at the Henry Ford museum. We always talked about going and finally we did. It's really an awesome place. It's more interesting than I thought it would be. There is definitely a lot to see and well worth the trip!

If you're ever in the mood to go or feeling nostalgic lol, check it out! You'll see things like John F. Kennedy... read more.


Caption Your Images!

Post by Don on November 5 2013

Have you ever wanted to write on an image to descibe something to someone? Or point out something that needs pointing out? Or how about simply writing your name on an image to identify that it's yours? If so, the caption your image page could be just what you're looking for!

Below are just some of the images I captioned using the capti... read more.


Painting Effect!

Post by Don on October 28 2013

Recently to the edit your image page edit options, I added a new edit/effect called Painting Effect.

What this edit does is, it applies a "painting" effect/look to your image as if a painter took your image and painted it instead. It's really cool!

Below are some examples of the painting effect with before and after shots. The images below were edited with the settings of(see image): Shadow: 100, Edge: 0, and Saturation: 1.7.

Of course you can adjust these settings to your liking.

Photo credit: Sarah Skakum

Nissan Juke image(s) courtesy of TopGear.com

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