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Painting Effect!

Post by Don on October 28 2013

Recently to the edit your image page edit options, I added a new edit/effect called Painting Effect.

What this edit does is, it applies a "painting" effect/look to your image as if a painter took your image and painted it instead. It's really cool!

Below are some examples of the painting effect with before and after shots. The images below were edited with the settings of(see image): Shadow: 100, Edge: 0, and Saturation: 1.7.

Of course you can adjust these settings to your liking.

Photo credit: Sarah Skakum

Nissan Juke image(s) courtesy of TopGear.com


Edit Your Image!

Post by Don on October 26 2013

I thought I would take the time and post about the edit your image page.

The edit page was done in a way where you, the user, has full control over the edit of each edit section. What this means is, there are controls like sliders for example, check boxes, etc, that allow you to specifically edit your image to your liking. In other w... read more.


Random Polaroids!

Post by Don on October 24 2013

Has your heart been broken lately? Are you feeling down because the person you like most is not acknowledging you or your affection for them? Did he or she just break up with you? If so I have just the thing for you! See the images below!

Below are images edited using the Random Polaroid edit on the edit page. What it does is it creates individual polaroids from the image and then each polaroid is placed randomly resulting in the broken heart effect below.

You can choose how many polaroids you want vertically and horizontally. For the first image, I choose 4 vertically and 3 horizontally. The second 5 vert and 5 horiz with a pink background(you have the option of choosing a color background of your choice or transparent) and a red 10 pixel border which was applied to the image in the border section of the edit page. The first image has a transparent background. All this can be done on the edit page.

If someone is not acknowledging you, maybe they aren't worth your efforts and time after all.

Photo credit: Sarah Skakum

(Click on images to enlarge)


Battle of Bound Brook!

Post by Don on October 19 2013

My friend attended the reenactment of The Battle of Bound Brook earlier this year in her home town of Bound Brook New Jersey. She took some really good pictures which I thought I would take the opportunity to utilize the vintage filter/effect that's on the edit page by trying to create the effect of the image being from that time era.

Below is the original image, the edited image and the edited image with black and white applied to it. The vintage section gives you complete control in applying the effects to an image. You adjust to your liking. You also can apply other filters/edits to the image as well like black and white if you feel it gives it more of vintage look.

Photo credit: Sarah Skakum


Traverse City More Pics!

Post by Don on October 12 2013

Since it's Halloween time, I thought I would post some images of Traverse City State Hospital we took when we were there.

They're restored the building and inside you'll find many shops, restaurants and even restored part of the place into condo's! However, there is a huge part of it that's still abandoned! It's actually a beautiful historical place and worth seeing when in Traverse City!

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